Friday, September 23, 2011

How we found out...and told our families

It actually all started when my wonderful mother-in-law was visiting our house one evening.  She had just dropped by and in our conversation, I mentioned (and she already knew) that Jesse and I were trying to conceive.  As she was leaving, she gave me a hug and she reached down and touched my stomach.  She said, "Bless your little womb."   It was odd to me...not that she did that....but that I remember feeling the blessing.  It's strange to try to put it into words, but after that moment, I just somehow  "knew" that I was pregnant.

Not long after that I was a few days late, so I stopped at the Dollar General to pick up a pregnancy test.  The only option cost only a dollar! I didn't know if I could trust a one dollar pregnancy test...but I bought it anyway.  At this point, I was fairly sure that I was pregnant anyway.  There were other physical reasons that I won't mention here, but I was pretty sure that strange things were happening to my body.  This was on a Friday after school.  

I waited on Jesse to get home from work and then I took the test....waited three minutes....and saw 2 pink lines.   Jesse and I were really happy and we hugged....then we ate some chili and went to the Winfield/Hurricane football game...where it was hard not to tell anyone!

The next day, Saturday, we were going to a birthday party for Jesse's sister's daughter (our niece), Carly, at FMC Sportsman's Club.  At the end of the festivities....Jesse said "OK, everyone, Erin has something to say."  I was so shocked that I paused for a second...and started to say something....and everyone was looking at me.....and then Jesse spit out, "Yeah, she's pregnant!"    Everyone cheered!

The next day was Sunday.  Every Sunday we go to my parent's house for dinner after church.  So, we knew it was a good opportunity to tell them.  I'm an only child, so this is their first grand-baby.  I knew they were going to be so excited.  So, I took the pregnancy test (wrapped it in plastic wrap, ew.), put it in a box with tissue paper, and wrapped it up like a present.   It was close to my parents anniversary, so we told them we had a gift for them for their anniversary.  As my mom was opening it, Jesse says, "If you need help figuring it out, I can help you with it."  He was trying to throw her off.   She opens it.  Looks at it.   Says "What is this, a flash drive?"   HAHAHA!  Then she says, "Or, is this something you pee on?"  I said, "Well, I already peed on it."  And it was about then that she started freaking out!   She almost immediately called my Aunt Jo to tell her.  I told them that we were trying to keep it a secret for awhile, but they couldn't help it.  I think they called all their family and friends and told them after we left.
USB flash drive 1

We still haven't told "the world" although more and more people approach me and ask about it every day.  I'm not sure how I'm going to make the announcement yet.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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