Friday, April 18, 2014

Almost Full-Term!

Currently, I am 36 weeks pregnant with Ezra.  He is a wiggly little guy....most the time.  Jonah was like a wiggle-squiggle all of the time, but Ezra's kicks come and go.  He seems pretty strong though and some of his little kicks are killer!  Sometimes he'll make my whole body shake.  For awhile, he was getting hiccups a lot.  Jonah had them multiple times a day.  However, Ezra's hiccups seemed to have slowed down and he hasn't got them as often lately.

Jonah's due date was April 30, 2012.  Ezra's is May 15, 2014.  So, I'm only 2 weeks behind where I was at this time of year 2 years ago with Jonah.  The weather is getting warmer and I'm remembering things about the first pregnancy and the warm weather.  I'm too big for a lot of my shirts.  Even my maternity tank tops and tees are getting a little short.  I don't have any shorts or many shirts that are meant for warmer weather...and at this point, going shopping for new stuff is not gonna happen.

I remember that at this time of year, with Jonah's pregnancy, my feet were really, really swollen.  Sometimes my hands would get swollen, too.  Thankfully, this time I haven't had any swelling yet at all!  Maybe just a little tiny bit once or twice ...but nothing like last time!  Another thing that is different about this time, is that I haven't had many leg cramps.  With Jonah, I would usually have one every morning and sometimes at night!  With Ezra, I have only had one that was anything worth writing about.   I'm not sure why this would be, but I haven't been walking (for exercise) this time like I did with Jonah.  I have to chase Jonah around though...and pick up the stuff he throws around everywhere.  So, I'm still up and moving around a lot.  With Jonah, I would go for walks because it actually helped my feet to not be so swollen.  I couldn't wear my shoes, because my feet were too big.  I remember un-lacing my sneakers to be able to get them on.  I wore flip-flops to school everyday.   Perhaps I will get a big more swollen as time goes on this time...but I hope not!  It's no fun!

Currently, I weigh about 144 lbs (according to my home scale).  I always weigh about 20 lbs more (okay, that's an exaggeration) at the Doctor's office.  Seriously, with my clothes and shoes on and on their scales, I think I was weighing around 147 last time.  I can't remember exactly how much I weighed at the end with Jonah.  I think it was 147 lbs.   With Jonah, my blood pressure went up a bit at the end of the pregnancy.  It was still in a very healthy range, but it went up higher at every appointment.   This time, it has stayed pretty much the same every time.  It seems to always be 105/60.

I know these two pregnancies have been different....and now I'm looking forward to meeting lil Ezra and seeing how he is different and similar to his brother.  I love his brother SO will be amazing to add Ezra-love to that.  I think my heart should be able to hold it.

Pictures of Ezra's finished room are going to be posted soon.  Jesse still has a few items on his honey-do list before I take the final photos.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Getting Closer

Little Ezra is due on May 15th, so we are within 3 months of meeting him!  I'm looking forward to having a snuggly, sweet baby to nuzzle!

I went to the doctor the last time and I was supposed to get a glucose test.  However, when I got there at 4:15pm, they told me that they only do the glucose testing before 2:30.  They failed to tell me that the last time, but anyway.   I can't really afford to take any more days off of work because of all the snow days.  I will be using almost every sick day just to cover my maternity leave from around my due date to June 12th.  So, I was frustrated.  However, my doctor is so sweet.  He gave me an order for the glucose test, the glucose, and told me to see if I can find a place that will do it closer to home.  So, I have been calling around and trying to find somewhere.  I thought that the birth center would do it again (you know, since they did it for me with Jonah), but they wouldn't do it.  So, I called LabCorps and they will do it!  I am planning to go on Friday morning and get it done because Jesse doesn't have to be a work until later and he can keep Jonah on that day.

I have made the switch from sleeping on my stomach to sleeping on my side now.  It was a sad day.  Now, I have to sleep with a pillow between my legs.  It helps keep me from tossing and turning.  I've actually still been sleeping pretty well, even on my side.

My back has been hurting a bit lately.  Usually after a long day at school, then cooking dinner, washing dishes, folding laundry, etc.  I need to do better about not doing too much.

I have been working on decorating Ezra's room.  I sewed him a curtain valance (maybe I will post photos soon).  I also bought him a poster for one of his walls.  It turned out really cute!   Now, I'm working on painting him 4 canvases for the wall above the crib.  I am making each one a letter of his name....and I think I'm going to include a reptile on each one.  Right now, I'm thinking an alligator, a chameleon, a frog and a turtle.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baby Update

It has been a very snowy and cold Winter!  I have had a lot of time away from school and at home with Jonah and it has been nice!  It's so different from the Winter when I was pregnant with Jonah.   With Jonah, I needed every single one of my sick days at the end of the year for maternity leave.  I prayed that there would not be any snow days because they would add on extra days at the end of the year and I didn't have the sick days to cover them!  I think all year we might have had only one snow day!  It was a really mild Winter.

This year, we've had snow days, don't drink the water days, no power days, and even way-too-freakin' cold days!  Thankfully, Ezra has a slightly later due-date than Jonah and I'm not as strapped for sick days.  I should still be okay and covered until the end of the school year.

I will be 26 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Time just keeps flying by!   I currently weigh around 132 lbs.   I feel like I should have a bit more by now, but my doctor says I am doing fine!  I recently started wearing maternity pants.  They feel too big and really annoy me, but regular pants are pretty much impossible at this point.

Remarkably, I am still sleeping on my stomach! I think the addition of a memory foam topper on our bed has made it possible.   I'm happy, although sometimes I think I might be smooshing the little guy!

Ezra is kicking a bit more, but (as I remember) Jonah kicked a lot more!  This baby seems a bit more calm and I already have him pictured as being a chill, calm, sweet baby boy!

I have an OB appointment on Monday the 10th.  I have to do the nasty glucose drink test and I'm not really looking forward to it!  I will update after!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting Ready for Ezra

We still have about 4 months before Baby Ezra will make his arrival.  However, we are still busy working on getting things ready for him.

Right now we are in transition.  We are working on getting Jonah moved to his new bedroom.  He is moving to the bigger room where we have a tv and all of his toys.  The baby will be in the smaller room for awhile.  Eventually, we plan on having them share a room.  The bigger room has a high, vaulted ceiling so it will be perfect for bunk beds one day!

On Sunday and Monday, Jesse, Jonah and I went to Cincinnati to go to Ikea.  We bought Ezra a book case (that matches Jonah's).  We also bought a few other things: a throw pillow, some photo frames, etc.

Yesterday was a snow day, and Jesse stayed home from work.  So, we got a lot of work done.  Jesse was able to put the book case and Ezra's crib together.  We are making progress!

With my time off of work, I have been working on a hand-sewn felt baby mobile for Ezra's room.  I am making his room have a bit of a theme of lizards and other yucky boyish animals.  Ha.  So, the mobile has a frog, turtle, snail, snake, and an alligator.  It isn't put together yet, I'm still working on the sewing part.

Baby Ezra's room will be lime green, aqua, gray and navy.  I'm having a quilt made by an Etsy shop, Home Sewn Studio.   She made Jonah's quilt, too.  I can't wait to see it!

Everything with the pregnancy is going very well.  I have nothing to complain about!  Little Ezra is kicking and moving around in there and it makes me happy to feel him!  I currently weigh about 130 lbs at 23-24 weeks.  I feel like I should have gained more weight, but my doctor said everything was good!

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Big News!

I will skip right to the big news....

I'm still the only girl in my house!  IT'S ANOTHER BOY!

I'm very happy to hear that Jonah will have a little brother so close in age!  I hope they are great friends!

Now, for the details.

On Monday December 16th, I had an ultrasound and a regular check-up scheduled with Dr. Chamberlain.  I got out of school a little early because the appointment was at 3 pm in Barboursville.  Jesse got out of work a little early too and we drove down together.

I think Jesse was nervous! He really wanted a boy!  We went in for the appointment and I expected to have a decent wait-time.  I've always had to wait awhile!  However, they called my name immediately after we sat down!  The ultrasound tech started immediately and she was really fast.  She was snapping photos and typing at lightning speed!  (Jonah's ultrasound took over an hour...with a full bladder! Yikes!) She said she had been doing her job for 25 years!   Jesse was standing up and starring intently at the large flat screen TV on the wall that projected the images.

 A few minutes later, she asked me if we had any kids, and I told her that we did.  A few pictures later, she typed BROTHER on the screen.  Jesse just stood there.  I paused for a second, taking it all in.  I said, "Jesse, did you see what she wrote?"   and he says, "What does that mean?"   Ha!  So, I said "It means Jonah has a little brother!"  Immediately, Jesse sits down and starts texting his family!   I said, "Notice that he sat down now!"  Ha!  He was very happy to have another boy!

I'm happy too! I would have been super-excited to have a little girl, but I'm glad that he's a boy!  The rest of the ultrasound went very well!  She said that our baby boy was the best patient she had all day.  He was very well behaved for his photos.  She was able to get all of the pictures that she needed!  Also, everything was normal with the baby! He is healthy!

We had to wait awhile to see Dr. Chamberlain, because he had to leave the office for an emergency C-section.   Jesse was like a caged tiger sitting in there waiting.   Finally, he came in and we had a good discussion about my desire to have a VBAC.   He supports the idea and will allow me to try a VBAC as long as everything is safe and he can attend my birth.  If he can't be there, then his colleagues may not agree with him and may make me have a C-section.  I'm happy with that.  At least I have a good shot at getting a trial of labor!

When they weighed me, I was 127 lbs.  That was with all my warm, Winter clothes AND my shoes on.  At home, I typically weigh about 121-122 according to my scales.  I have a feeling mine might be off a little!  I'm still wearing my normal clothes, but I have to leave the button unbuttoned on my pants & jeans.  According to the ultrasound, the baby weighs about 11 ounces.

On the way home, Jesse and I discussed baby names.  More about that later!

Monday, December 9, 2013

First Kick!

Today is December 9th.  This is an update of pregnancy info. since my last post.

I have been feeling pretty good!  I haven't been tired and sleepy!  I've had energy to actually get things accomplished around the house.  I haven't been nauseous either! I didn't throw up at all in the whole month of November!  That is a major accomplishment!  However, I did throw up on the evening of Sunday December 1st.  Don't ask me what that was all about.  I have no idea.  I started feeling very full (I had eaten dinner at my mom & dad's house earlier) and for some reason, I just felt really bloated and yucky.  It was around 9 pm when I went to take a shower and right after I got out, I threw up!   I felt kinda yucky still after that.  It didn't feel like morning sickness at all.   I don't know what happened there.  I was worried that I had picked up some sort of bug, but I felt completely better when I woke up in the morning!

My belly seems to be growing exponentially.  Okay, maybe not really, but it seems to have grown a lot in the past week.  I am still only weighing in at around 120 to 121 lbs.  I started out at around 115 or 116.

I'm so excited to find out the baby's gender next Monday!  It's a week from today!

Last night (Dec. 8th), I was watching TV with Jesse (we were watching Naked & Afraid) and I felt the baby move!  It was the first time that I am 100% sure that I felt it.  Before, I thought I might have felt some flutters, but I wasn't sure.  This time it felt like a swift tap to my bladder.  I felt it a few more times after that, too!  I was getting a little nervous because I hadn't been sure that I felt it move yet!  Yay!  I'm looking forward to feeling it move from now until May! from

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov 13th Doctor Appointment

I went back to see Dr. Chamberlain on November 13th.  I signed in for my 4:15 appointment at precisely 4:15 pm.   I sat and waited for awhile.  The nurse called me back to get a urine sample, weight, blood pressure, and to ask a few questions.   After that, she sent me back to the waiting room because all of Dr. Chamberlain's rooms were full.  So, I waited out there.  It took a little while.  I can't remember how long exactly.   Then I got into a room.  I waited in there.  I waited.  Then, I waited some more.   I continued waiting.   It was 5:30 before I even saw his face!  He is a good doctor and spends a lot of time talking with me.  He is patient and a good listener.  So, I don't really mind waiting much.  

I was hoping that he would tell me that I could do the VBAC.  However, he said that Dr. Brumfield didn't agree with him.  However, he acted like it was still a possibility.  So, I don't know what to think now.  I need to know.  Next time I see him, I really want to know one way or the other.  

The appointment went very well.  I am still not far enough along for them to measure my belly, but they did listen for the heartbeat with a doppler.   It only took the lady (an assistant in the room with Dr. Chamberlain) about 2 seconds to find the heartbeat!  It was a really loud, strong heartbeat! It only lasted a split second, so they didn't measure the speed.  Dr. Chamberlain said, "Wow, Isn't that a great sound? Nice, strong heartbeat!"  and then he said, "So, there IS a baby in there.  No wonder you've been sick!"

My next appointment is scheduled for Monday December 16th at 3 pm.  Jesse will be there with me since it is also for our anatomy ultrasound! I'm very excited to find out the gender!