Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sweet Ezra

I can't even believe just how much I love this little guy! He is just the sweetest thing! It's amazing how much you can love something that just eats, poops and sleeps!  But he is so special to me! It is also hard to imagine loving another child the way you love the first...but I definitely love little Ezra!

He is very calm and happy most of the time.  The only time he fusses at all is when he needs to burp or is gassy.  Oh, he also fusses for a dirty or wet diaper.  At least, it seems that way.  He will get a bit fussy and I'll change his diaper and he will be all better!  This is a little strange to me, because Jonah never fussed because of his diaper.

He is a good sleeper.  He has typically been sleeping for a good nap in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon and/or evening.  I've been trying to make sure he stays awake in the later evenings, and I think that has helped him sleep longer at night.  The night before last (6/22), for his longest stretch of sleep he slept from 11 pm to 5:15 am!  Last night he slept good, too.  It was from 10:30 to 4.  He can stay awake for a long time without getting fussy.  I think he was up for between 2 and 3 hours last night and was never fussy at all.

He started taking a pacifier a little more.  He still isn't crazy about it.  He didn't like the "soothie" ones at all (the kind the hospitals usually give out), but I gave him an Avent brand one and he likes it much better.  I still try not to give it to him too much.  I want to make sure it doesn't take the place of mommy. :) At this point, he is growing like a weed so, I don't think it is hurting him any.   I weighed him on our home scales the other day and (at 5 weeks old) he was over 13 lbs!   He wears 3 month sized clothes and some of those are kinda smallish on him.  They don't fit very well over his massive head and his huge, cloth diaper booty.

He has already rolled over from belly to back. The first time was at 3 weeks old!  He also is really strong and can almost roll over from his back to belly.  He seems to prefer to sleep on his side, so he always rolls from his back to side when sleeping.

Ezra's already shown me his first REAL smiles!  He started that at 4 weeks old! I know babies smile as a reflex from birth, but at 4 weeks, he started cheesing it up for mommy's goofy high-pitched voice.  Oh, and also for ceiling fans.

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