Monday, May 12, 2014

He's ALMOST here!

Ezra will be here soon!  I am currently 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  I was the same when Jonah was born!  I haven't had any real clues that Ezra will be coming soon, but a few things are happening that make me think that he might be coming fairly soon.

I have been feeling really good! The end of this pregnancy has been a lot easier than last time.  With Jonah, my ankles and feet were really swollen!  Sometimes my hands and even my face might have been a little puffy.  I couldn't fit my fat feet into my shoes.  I can remember having to unlace my tennis shoes before I went out for a walk.  I wore flip-flops every day to school.  This time, I've only had a tiny bit of swelling maybe a couple of times.  I have felt pretty good and my blood pressure has been very close to my normal range.

I've gained a little more weight this time, but not a lot more.  This morning on my home scale I was up to 148.  So, I've gained about 30 lbs.  I think with Jonah, I gained more like 25.  I know I have less muscle this time, though.  I'm going to have to get out and walk and move more after this baby comes.  I might have to get a 2 baby stroller or something.   I'm going to try to get Ezra comfy in a wrap.  I have a Moby wrap that Jonah hated....and honestly, I wasn't crazy about it either.  It was hard to get him in the thing, especially in public.  You'd have to drape 4 yards of fabric in a parking lot.  I found it to be a little stressful.  I also have an Ergo. I found the Ergo challenging because I seriously could NOT buckle the back without someone to help me.  So, if you are out by yourself, you'd have to ask a stranger for help!  I kind of wish I had a ring sling or something like that.  Seems like those would be easier.

Jonah has been such a good boy lately.  I guess he always is, but I'm so thankful to have him.  He will pull me by my finger down the hallway to get his milk before night-night.  I will hold him for a few minutes while he drinks it.  When the milk is all gone, he gives me the cup.  Then sometimes I'll ask if he is ready for night-night and he says "yeah."  He gives me a hug, and I lay him in the crib.  I give him his stuffed fox, Roxy and put the quilt over him.  He sometimes reaches up and hugs my arm and says, "Bye, Ma!"  Then I walk out the door for the evening.  Lately, he's been doing the exact same thing for naptime, too.  This will make things a lot easier for me when Ezra is here.

Jonah is a good eater too.  He will eat a lot of different foods that I'm not sure a typical toddler really eats.  He will eat chicken breasts dipped in sour cream or homemade ranch.  He likes hamburger dipped in ketchup.  He loves breakfast food.  He will scarf down french toast, pancakes, granola, and scrambled eggs.  He likes to eat the veggies out of my salad and likes them best dipped in ranch or vinaigrette dressing.  He likes sunflower seeds and nuts.  He likes the fermented pickles that I buy and even olives.  I never really have to make something special for him, he usually just eats whatever we are having for dinner.  He likes spaghetti, taco salad, casseroles..  He will try pretty much anything on most days.  He can have picky days though.  He likes sweet stuff best, of course.  He likes crackers, chips and cookies.  I think his favorite thing in the world is raisins though!  He calls them "ree" and he asks for them all of the time! He calls cookies, "kee" and crackers, "cah."

He has been saying a bunch of new words lately.  He usually only says one syllable of words.  He will try to communicate something but unless you know his "slang" then it is pretty much impossible to tell what he wants.  The other day, we heard him say "Go way, bee!"  when talking to a bee on the back deck.  He does say a few sentences, but not many.  

He can recognize all the capitol letters of the alphabet.  He knows most of the lower case too, but some of those are a little confusing.  ha!  He has a hard time with b and d mostly...and different fonts can cause him some problems too. For example, if the lower-case t has a curve at the bottom, he will call it a J.   He can also tell you the next letter of the alphabet for the whole alphabet.  So, sometimes I say A, and he says B....and then I say,"What comes next?" and he will go through the whole alphabet.  Sometimes I hear him saying the alphabet in order to himself.  

Just recently he learned to count to 10.  He is really interested in anything that has to do with counting right now.  He loves it.  I will count to 20 and he will say (and sign) "MORE!"  So, I just do it over and over again.  He just sits there and listens.  When he goes up and down stairs, he always wants to count them.  When he sees two of something, he says, "two!"

He has been "reading" a couple of sight words.  I started with the word "Go," which is one of his favorites. (ha!)  I would write it and sound it out and say it.  He would just say "G" and "O" for awhile.  After a few times of doing that, I wrote it on the driveway in sidewalk chalk the other day and he said, "GO!"   He has consistently recognized it since then.  At my mom's house on sunday, he got out a letter puzzle. He pulled out the letters, G and O and placed them next to each other.  It said, OG, but he said "Go!"  haha.  It was so cute.  He also has recognized the word Ball at least once.  We are still working on that one.  Ball and Car are the next words that we will be adding.  :)

I'm a pretty proud mommy to say the least!  I know this blog is about my pregnancy with Ezra, but as I get closer to having 2 babies, I'm feeling a bit sad about my big baby growing up.  I wanted to take a few minutes and write down these memories of Jonah before his brother comes along.  I can't wait to see what Jonah thinks about him.

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