Friday, April 18, 2014

Almost Full-Term!

Currently, I am 36 weeks pregnant with Ezra.  He is a wiggly little guy....most the time.  Jonah was like a wiggle-squiggle all of the time, but Ezra's kicks come and go.  He seems pretty strong though and some of his little kicks are killer!  Sometimes he'll make my whole body shake.  For awhile, he was getting hiccups a lot.  Jonah had them multiple times a day.  However, Ezra's hiccups seemed to have slowed down and he hasn't got them as often lately.

Jonah's due date was April 30, 2012.  Ezra's is May 15, 2014.  So, I'm only 2 weeks behind where I was at this time of year 2 years ago with Jonah.  The weather is getting warmer and I'm remembering things about the first pregnancy and the warm weather.  I'm too big for a lot of my shirts.  Even my maternity tank tops and tees are getting a little short.  I don't have any shorts or many shirts that are meant for warmer weather...and at this point, going shopping for new stuff is not gonna happen.

I remember that at this time of year, with Jonah's pregnancy, my feet were really, really swollen.  Sometimes my hands would get swollen, too.  Thankfully, this time I haven't had any swelling yet at all!  Maybe just a little tiny bit once or twice ...but nothing like last time!  Another thing that is different about this time, is that I haven't had many leg cramps.  With Jonah, I would usually have one every morning and sometimes at night!  With Ezra, I have only had one that was anything worth writing about.   I'm not sure why this would be, but I haven't been walking (for exercise) this time like I did with Jonah.  I have to chase Jonah around though...and pick up the stuff he throws around everywhere.  So, I'm still up and moving around a lot.  With Jonah, I would go for walks because it actually helped my feet to not be so swollen.  I couldn't wear my shoes, because my feet were too big.  I remember un-lacing my sneakers to be able to get them on.  I wore flip-flops to school everyday.   Perhaps I will get a big more swollen as time goes on this time...but I hope not!  It's no fun!

Currently, I weigh about 144 lbs (according to my home scale).  I always weigh about 20 lbs more (okay, that's an exaggeration) at the Doctor's office.  Seriously, with my clothes and shoes on and on their scales, I think I was weighing around 147 last time.  I can't remember exactly how much I weighed at the end with Jonah.  I think it was 147 lbs.   With Jonah, my blood pressure went up a bit at the end of the pregnancy.  It was still in a very healthy range, but it went up higher at every appointment.   This time, it has stayed pretty much the same every time.  It seems to always be 105/60.

I know these two pregnancies have been different....and now I'm looking forward to meeting lil Ezra and seeing how he is different and similar to his brother.  I love his brother SO will be amazing to add Ezra-love to that.  I think my heart should be able to hold it.

Pictures of Ezra's finished room are going to be posted soon.  Jesse still has a few items on his honey-do list before I take the final photos.

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