Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Getting Ready for Ezra

We still have about 4 months before Baby Ezra will make his arrival.  However, we are still busy working on getting things ready for him.

Right now we are in transition.  We are working on getting Jonah moved to his new bedroom.  He is moving to the bigger room where we have a tv and all of his toys.  The baby will be in the smaller room for awhile.  Eventually, we plan on having them share a room.  The bigger room has a high, vaulted ceiling so it will be perfect for bunk beds one day!

On Sunday and Monday, Jesse, Jonah and I went to Cincinnati to go to Ikea.  We bought Ezra a book case (that matches Jonah's).  We also bought a few other things: a throw pillow, some photo frames, etc.

Yesterday was a snow day, and Jesse stayed home from work.  So, we got a lot of work done.  Jesse was able to put the book case and Ezra's crib together.  We are making progress!

With my time off of work, I have been working on a hand-sewn felt baby mobile for Ezra's room.  I am making his room have a bit of a theme of lizards and other yucky boyish animals.  Ha.  So, the mobile has a frog, turtle, snail, snake, and an alligator.  It isn't put together yet, I'm still working on the sewing part.

Baby Ezra's room will be lime green, aqua, gray and navy.  I'm having a quilt made by an Etsy shop, Home Sewn Studio.   She made Jonah's quilt, too.  I can't wait to see it!

Everything with the pregnancy is going very well.  I have nothing to complain about!  Little Ezra is kicking and moving around in there and it makes me happy to feel him!  I currently weigh about 130 lbs at 23-24 weeks.  I feel like I should have gained more weight, but my doctor said everything was good!

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