Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I think I've been feeling the baby move since the 5th of November!  I think that I'm actually feeling the baby move in there and that I'm not just feeling gas! Quite honestly, I think I know what gas feels like and this doesn't feel like that at all!  It feels kinda like butterflies in my belly or a small jolt of electricity.  Sometimes, it feels like there is a lot of flopping going on in there!  However, I've read on various websites and books that 1st time pregnant moms usually don't feel their baby move until they are 18 to 24 weeks!  Which made me wonder if I really was feeling the baby at all!

Then, I had this dream the other night...maybe it was more of a nightmare!  I dreamed I was pregnant with twins and they were both boys.  I've always liked the idea of having twins.  In fact, I've always been kind of obsessed with twins.  I wrote a research paper on twins in high school and I did a different one in college.  However, now with the reality of a living person inside of my body, the thought that there could be TWO in there really freaks me out.

Today, I've continues to have the weird feeling that maybe I am pregnant with twins! Yikes!

So, I googled "signs that you are pregnant with twins" and found out that feeling the baby move early on was a sign that you were pregnant with multiples!! EEEKkk!  It also said that feeling more movement could mean twins!

Even though I've got myself all worked up... I'm still pretty sure that I'm only carrying one....but there is always that thought in the back of my mind!


  1. i can't believe you haven't had an ultrasound yet - the suspense would be KILLING me! i had spotting issues around 7 weeks so i had an ultrasound then and then a follow-up a week later. plus then at 12 weeks i had a scan for down syndrome and two other chromosomal issues (routine for my dr). erin, if i had had to wait until 20 weeks to know if i was having twins i think i would have died of impatience! i give you so much credit!

  2. I felt Caylan around 14 weeks but didn't know that's what it was until 15 weeks. I didn't realize you hadn't had an ultrasound yet!!! Oh my goodness...now the suspence will kill us all. Jesse would LOVE twin boys!!!

  3. I'm measuring normally so I kinda doubt that it will be twins....but I will be having an ultrasound sometime around November 30th...and I'll be 18 weeks. I can't wait!!