Friday, February 24, 2012

30 Weeks

I just got home from my 30 week checkup with my midwife.   I'm currently measuring at 32 centimeters, which is normal.  Jonah's heart rate was around 130 beats per minute and she said it sounded great!

At my last appointment, when I was 28 weeks, I had to have blood drawn for the glucose tolerance test.  They also tested my iron levels.  I got the results back today and everything was great! She said my glucose levels were "awesome" and my iron level was in the normal range.   I also gained 2 pounds since the last appointment, which is normal.  They say to gain about a pound a week during your third trimester.  So far my weight gain has been just right.  According to my home scale, I started out around 114 pounds.  Currently, I weigh around 132 pounds.  I still have about 9 more pounds to gain if I gain just one pound a week.  So, it is looking like I'll end all of this at around 141 pounds.

In my photography class the other day, I was talking to one of my students about how much weight I had gained.  He said, "It's ALL baby!"  haha!  I don't think Jonah is 18 pounds..but I knew what he meant!  Almost all of the weight I've gained is in my belly.  It is huge! I can't believe that it is going to get even bigger!  I'm very happy that I haven't gained a bunch of weight in my arms, legs or face!  I just this week started noticing that my face looks a little fuller.   Hopefully, it won't take me too long to lose it after Jonah gets here!

On a different note, here is a sweater that my mother-in-law bought for the little man.  Whales, of course!

I finally finished the orange valance for his room.  I like it!

Here is the complete beach outfit for Jonah.  My mom bought the hat, sunglasses and flip-flops.  Jesse and I bought the trunks and matching rash guard shirt.   He'll be super cute at the beach!

The other day, I found some items on the Facebook Putnam County Yardsale page.  I bought an orange Moby wrap for just 2 dollars...and I bought this playmat for only $10.

Here is a wooden Melissa & Doug toy that my mom bought for Jonah.  He probably won't be able to really play with this for a while....but it really looks cute in the nursery! 

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  1. The valence looks awesome! You did such a good job! And you WILL lose the weight, don't worry one second about that. I did and I was much less in shape and toned than you before I got pregnant! lol