Saturday, October 22, 2011

Baby Names!


It's tough finding a name to go with a last name like Crouch.  The strong C sound is hard AND it only has one syllable, which sometimes makes short names (which are my favorite) sound odd.  I know I have a long time to think about baby names...but I still think about it all the time!  Girl names are so much easier, but I'm having a hard time with boy names.   I'm secretly hoping for a boy....and Jesse is praying, hoping, crossing-fingers, and doing rain-dances for a boy, so I guess I'm focusing more on boy names.  Jesse's brothers and sisters have a lot of kids, 11 to be exact....and only 2 of those are boys!  So, I think everyone would like for us to have a little boy.   My parents even want a boy since I'm their only child, I guess they'd like to have a baby boy.

Before I got pregnant, I prayed for God's will to be done, but I told God that it was the desire of my heart to get pregnant in August with a BOY.  Since He kept His word and gave me the desires of my heart for the timing of my pregnancy, I don't see why He wouldn't make it a boy! However, if it turns out to be a girl, I'll know for a fact that she was God's will and so it will work out to be better for us in the long run.  So, whatever happens... I'm happy. are a few GIRL names that I've been thinking about:

  • Harper
  • Audrey

And here are the BOY names:
  • Larkin (this was the name of one of  my great-grandfathers)
  • Louden (Jesse likes this one because he is a Vision Quest fan)
  • Hayden
  • Bryson (I like this one alot, but I'm afraid Jesse will call him Peabo.)

Please feel free to comment and tell me your opinions on the names...or participate in the anonymous poll on the column to the right. 


  1. Audrey is one of my MOST favorite names for a girl - so is Grace for a middle name! So funny that we have such similar taste. :) I think Harper is totally adorable but to me it sounds Southern so I never considered it (for us up here). But I think she would for sure be the only Harper in her class and maybe school! I think it is *precious.*

    I am really just so excited that you guys are having a baby!! :)

    Bryson is my fave for the boys. It's a strong boy name to me. I had a lot of Haydens/Aidens when I was teaching so I think I've just heard that a lot.

    This probably never crossed your mind but when I hear Louden I think of Nascar b/c it's a race track up here in NH that my dad goes to sometimes! lol Definitely unique though.

    I was just like you - prayed so hard for a boy (I always wanted an older brother as a kid!). I was thrilled that God gave me my heart's desire. Of course, now I am dying for a girl. lol

  2. What about William and call him Will, Jackson, Chandler, Isaiah, or Judson?
    For a girl I like Harper :)))