Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting Close to the Gender Reveal!

On Saturday I will be 20 weeks pregnant...and then on Tuesday I get to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl! I can't wait!

Jesse would prefer to wait to find out the sex: He says he doesn't want to be disappointed (if it's a girl). He knows that he won't be disappointed on the day of the birth, since he'll get to see her and fall in love with her, of course.

Sorry, Jesse! I can't wait! I want to decorate the nursery and buy stuff that doesn't look to plain for a girl and too girly for a boy!  So, anyway...we'll be finding out the sex on Tuesday and I. Can't. Wait.

Jesse mentioned that we should have the ultrasound technician write down the gender on a sheet of paper and put it in an envelope.  Then, we can find out if it's a boy or a girl while we are alone.  So, we might do that.

I saw some photos on Pinterest where a family had the technician write down the results and put it in an envelope.  They took the envelope to a party store and had them fill up a box with helium for a girl and blue for a boy.  Then....they brought the box home and hired a photographer to photograph them opening the box!  The photos were super cute!   I've also heard of people having gender reveal parties.  That could be fun!  However, I doubt that I'll be able to wait that long.  If we put it in an envelope...I'm pretty sure I'll be checking it in the car!...maybe the parking lot!

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  1. yeah - i've seen those, too...and they are totally adorable. but there is NO way i would have the self-control to wait that long! maybe i could do it for a second baby. maybe.

    can't wait to hear!!!