Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!

On Tuesday December 13th, Jesse and I had to get off work a little early so we could go to Dr. Chaffin's office in Teays Valley for our first ultrasound.  We were very excited and I was a little nervous.  They make you drink a ton of water beforehand....then they make you sit and wait forever in a waiting room before they push around on your belly!   It turned out to not be as bad as I imagined, so I was very grateful.  They took awhile to get to us and THEN, it took almost an hour to get all of the photos that they needed.

The technician was a nice, young lady and she walked us through the process.  First, she put about a pound of clear goo on my stomach (which may or may not have soaked through my jeans).  Then, she told us about all the photos that she was taking.  She had to make sure that our little one had all ten fingers and toes.  She had to measure all of the bones and then, at the end, with all the combined measurements, they can get an estimate of the baby's weight.  We later learned that it weighed about 13.5 oz, which was right on track with my due date.  She also had to make sure the heart was pumping normally.  It was pumping well at 151 beats per minute, which she declared as "perfect."

At first, the little "stinker," as she called it, wouldn't sit still. So, she couldn't get some of the heart photos that she needed.  Then, we were lucky enough to get to see three REALLY cute yawns...and the baby fell asleep on it's belly.

Now....for the good part.  The technician says, "So, do you want to know the sex?" and I say "YES"...and Jesse reluctantly says, "Do you already know?"  The technician responds, "uuhh...YEAH"  (kind of like it was obvious to her) So, Jesse says, "That must mean it's a boy?" and she says, "uuhh..NO."  So, Jesse says, "ok, tell us" or something like that. And she says, "It IS a boy."  And I was so excited!!!  I didn't realize how much I had wanted a boy until that moment.  I was also so happy for Jesse.  I said, "I told you it was a boy!"  and he immediately pulled out his cell phone and texted his friend, Ty...then his whole tell them the news.  And on the ultrasound photos, there is no mistakening it....he is for sure a boy.  I cried a bit and then do to a combination of the fact that my head was tilted sideways to look at the screen, and just staring at that blurry screen for almost an hour, I couldn't get my eyes to stop watering!  I looked like a blubbering mess. 

 Since the little guy fell asleep on his belly, the position made it impossible for the technician to get the heart photos that she needed.  She wiggled my belly around, but still couldn't get the "stinker" to roll over.  So, we actually have to come back in a month and do it all over again!  I'm secretly very happy that we get to go back just so I can have another chance to see him!

I called my dad from the parking lot.  First thing I said was, "Just wanted to let you know that you are having a Grandson!"  His response: "Oh My God!"  haha.   It was fun telling the family, especially since it's a boy!  With 9 neices and only 2 nephews and NONE of the Crouch boys born first, we weren't sure it was possible! 

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