Tuesday, January 3, 2012

He has a name!

We have decided on a name for our little man.  He is Jonah Andrew Crouch!  We gave him the same initials as Jesse!  We were pretty sure about the first name for a few weeks.  I've been looking at whale stuff for the nursery for awhile now!  It's so cute!!

As soon as we decided on Jonah Andrew, Jesse ordered him some infant wrestling shoes!  Here is a photo of what they look like.  I'm not sure what colors he picked for Jonah, but they are all pretty cute.  They monogram the baby's initials on the shoes, so Jesse had to wait until we were sure before he ordered them.  

I've spent a little bit of time during Christmas break shopping for baby stuff.  I've bought some stuff and my mom has bought some stuff too!  She got him a really soft, bright orange blanket and an orange lamp for his room.  I bought a cute orange teddy bear, some clothes, some hooded towels (with whales on them!), a shopping cart cover, and I ordered him a custom quilt. 

I picked out the fabrics myself with the help of the lady who is making it.  Then, I put together this quilt pattern...

but we finally decided on something that will look similar to this one. (This is just a small sample, the actual quilt will have more squares than this)

She has ordered the fabrics and I can't wait until she starts sending me photos of the piecing process!


  1. Great name! I think it flows very nicely. :) Shopping for baby stuff is the best!

  2. Thanks Jessica... I can't wait to have the nursery all ready for him!