Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things I Want To Remember...

  1. The feel-good endorphins while pregnant!
  2. The lovey-dovey feeling for my husband, especially when he is doing a project for the baby! 
  3. Being concerned about your belly ALL of the time
  4. Hating the word, PREGO.  ugh! 
  5. The peaceful, sweet feeling of just sitting in his room.
  6. Loving the great accomplishment of scratching something off the baby to-do list
  7. The stressed out feeling of all the things to do.
  8. The first parental worries.. like the thought, "I haven't felt him move for awhile"
  9. Drinking something cold or eating something sweet....just to feel him move!
  10. The double-takes people give you when you are in public
  11. People getting mad at you for climbing on a chair.  
  12. People taking care of you....and getting you lots of pillows.
  13. Comments from people that make you feel huge.  HA!
  14. Every time you call someone they ask if everything is alright. 
  15. Feeling the need to organize....everything.
  16. Feeling so nervous about how life will change!!!
  17. Crying every time I see a baby product commercial (especially those, "having a baby changes everything" commercials!)
  18. Reading, reading, reading....books on nursing, feeding, sleeping,...blogs on scheduling, diapering, labor, etc. etc. etc. 
  19. Spending lots of money!
  20. The generosity of people who get to give you cute baby stuff
  21. Having about 50 size newborn onesies
  22. The feeling of finding a baby sock in my laundry for the first time!

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