Sunday, May 6, 2012

The First Night Home

Jonah's first day at home was a short one.  We weren't able to leave the hospital until 6 pm.  On the way home he slept like a champ in his car seat! He stayed asleep for awhile and was a good little boy...for awhile.

In the evening, I went to change his diaper and as soon as I did, he started peeing up over his head! It went all over himself and all over the carpet in his room!  Yes, I know that boys do this, but knowing about it doesn't prepare you.  It is impossible to move fast enough to catch it!

A little while later, he did it again!  And about 20 seconds later, he shot poop out like a missile....and about 20 seconds later, he did THAT again!   Even though I covered it with a cloth diaper, the poo went all over the new changing pad cover that his Nana sewed for him!

If there is one thing I learned the first night, it is that babies equal lots of laundry!

I was so freaked out after the poo and the pee went everywhere that I stressed out and yelled for Jesse.  I think Jonah picked up on my nervous vibe and he kinda freaked out too!

We had a hard time getting him to chill out and go to sleep after his feedings all night long.  It was a rough night, but we made it through!

Jesse slept most of the night on the couch downstairs with Jonah near him in his swing.  I did manage to get some sleep upstairs in our bed, but only for a couple hours at a time.

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