Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet Sleep

I actually got to sleep for 3 hours at a stretch TWICE last night!  I feel so good this morning! haha.

Last night, I was irritated when I had to get up after being asleep for just 30 minutes. Jonah wasn't really sleepy after eating, so I put him in his swing instead of the crib.  He seemed content and looked like he was getting sleepy, so I went to bed.  I got to get back in the bed around midnight.  The next thing I know, he was fussing and it was 3:17 am!  Sweet sleep!  After he ate and I changed his diaper, he was awake again.  So, I put him back in the swing....and off to bed I went.  He slept from 4 am to 7:15!!  I felt like I got a whole nights sleep!  Wahoo!!  After that he slept from around 8 til 10:30ish.  I was able to sleep a bit more and make myself from steel cut oatmeal for breakfast!

All in all, it was a really good night!  I hope tonight is as good!

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