Friday, November 1, 2013

2nd Doctor Appointment

My 2nd Doctor appointment was on Monday Oct. 7th at 4:45pm with Dr. Chamberlain.  This appointment was 1000 times better than the first! I was still overwhelmed with the size and impersonal-ness of the place, but once I met Dr. Chamberlain I felt so much better.   He was so nice.  He was so friendly.  He talked to me like I was an intelligent human being.  He was funny!    I told him that I was very interested in having a VBAC.  He said that they don't normally do VBAC's for patients who haven't have a previous vaginal birth.  He said it was due mostly to staffing issues.  (Apparently, the doctor has to be at the hospital the whole time a VBAC patient is in labor, or something like that).

However, I gave him my paperwork from my first labor at Women's & Children's.  He looked over it and said he thought I would be an excellent candidate for a VBAC!  I was thrilled! He said he would need to discuss my case with the other OB/GYN's in his office (because depending on the timing of my labor they could end up being with me), but that he thought they could make it work!

Hopefully, I will know for sure the next time I go back!  My next appointment is November 13th.  I'm also very excited because he said that since I didn't have an 8 week ultrasound that he wanted me to have one at 18 weeks.  Only about 6 more weeks or so and I can find out the gender!!

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