Monday, November 4, 2013

Compare & Contrast

As of 12 weeks, this is a comparison of my first and second pregnancies.

1st Pregnancy, with Jonah
  •    Didn't drink coffee, except a couple times maybe. 
  •    Didn't have many cravings, but craved carbs a bit
  •    I remember wanting french fries and potatoes. 
  •    Ate a lot of chocolate
  •    Drank hot chocolate in the mornings.
  •    Brought snacks with me everywhere (homemade crackers, popcorn, fruit)
  •    Started getting morning sickness around 8 weeks ( I think).
  •    Threw up quite a few times, but I can't remember how many 
  •    Would throw up, and then usually feel much better.
  •    Threw up at lunch time once.
  •    Felt sick in the evenings sometimes.
  •    Had food aversions (to healthy foods, salads, and chicken)
  •   Continued running, walking and working out with weights frequently.
  •   Was super-tired during the first trimester!  I would take naps almost every day after school and still      be exhausted and ready for bed at 8:30 or 9 pm.     
  •    Took my prenatal vitamins, cod liver oil and calcium/mag pills every day.
  •    Took Tylenol maybe one time.  
  •    Frequently fell asleep watching television
  •    After the morning sickness ended, I had a season where I had headaches every day
  •    Never had heartburn.
  •    Never gagged (that I can remember) while brushing my teeth

2nd Pregnancy, with "Peanut"

  •  Drank coffee until about 6 weeks.
  • Crave salty foods (like french fries, potato chips, popcorn and pickles!)
  • Haven't really craved carbs, but pasta is my favorite thing to eat.  
  •  Haven't wanted to eat chocolate much
  •  Haven't drank hot chocolate, but drank chamomile tea some.
  • Haven't needed snacks, but have eaten crackers in the middle of the night to stave off morning sickness
  • Started getting morning sickness around 6 weeks.
  • Thrown up a few more times than last time. 
  • Would throw up and then usually feel much better.
  • Threw up at lunch time once.
  • Haven't worked out, at all.
  • Been pretty tired, but not nearly as bad as last time.
  • No food aversions really.  (Except eggs in the morning time)
  • Haven't felt sick in the evenings (except around week 6-7)
  • Have only had a few headaches (caffeine usually makes them go away)
  • Haven't taken ANY pills. 
  • Couldn't stomach my prenatal vitamins for awhile.  (2nd trimester, I've been taking them)
  • So far, haven't had heartburn.
  • Gag when brushing teeth sometimes.  (Twice, it has made me throw up!)
  • Starting around the end of November, I started craving OLIVES.  I don't even like olives!

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