Friday, November 1, 2013

First Doctor Appointment

For this pregnancy, I decided to try a different provider.  I heard that my best chance for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) was with Dr. Chamberlain and Dr. Kuhl in Barboursville.  So, I made my first appointment when I was 8 weeks pregnant.  I was told that my first appointment would be with a nurse and not with a midwife or a doctor.  I was okay with this.  They called it an "education appointment."  

My first impression of the office wasn't great.  The receptionist was not very friendly.  The building felt HUGE and impersonal (after going to the birth center in Hurricane last time).

I had to wait a while.  I don't remember how long but it must have been awhile because when I saw the nurse she actually apologized for the wait.  She was nice and friendly.  Basically the whole appointment consisted of her asking me questions.  There were a LOT of questions!  I don't remember much from the appointment, except I remember when I mentioned that I was interested in having a VBAC she told me that there was no way I could have one.  She said it was because I hadn't had a prior vaginal birth before Jonah and because of that I wouldn't be able to find ANY doctor that would take on that "risk." I tried to hold it together, but I was hormonal, and I teared up immediately.  I was so upset!  Luckily, she had to leave the room for a minute and I was able to get a tissue and pull myself together.  I don't think she even realized how upset I was.

They wanted to schedule me for an 8 week ultrasound.  I don't feel like 8 week ultrasounds should be mandatory, so I told them I didn't want one.  She didn't like this and told me that I would need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chamberlain to discuss it.  So, we tried to schedule an appointment, but it took forever!  I was hoping that this wasn't a sign of what scheduling would be like every time! I really wanted a time after school so I wouldn't have to take a day off.  Finally, I was scheduled an appointment on Monday Oct. 7th at 4:45pm.   Yay!

Then they sent me to the finance department to talk about what I would have to pay.  That part wasn't bad, but I was still emotional and not sure if I was going to go through with having my baby with these people.  

Then, they wanted me to have blood work.  Because I wasn't sure if I was going to stay with them, I wasn't sure if I should have the blood work done there or not.  I went ahead and decided to do it, because they told me that they could forward the results on to another provider, if needed.   The lady couldn't get blood out of my left arm.  Ugh.  She tried the right and was much more successful.

I left feeling very upset.  I immediately called Carrie-Meghan (my doula with Jonah) to vent.  She gave me excellent advice.  She said that I shouldn't get all worked up about what a NURSE told me.  She said I should speak with Dr. Chamberlain before I made my mind up.  I still wasn't convinced, but I decided to keep my appointment with him.

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