Friday, November 1, 2013

The Morning Yuck

I can't remember all the details with my 1st pregnancy.  I just know that I was sick in the mornings  sometimes.  I can't really remember how often I threw up.  I do remember feeling yucky even in the evenings sometimes.  I wouldn't want to eat dinner and it would take me FOREVER to get it down.  Chicken was unbearable, but some foods were much better (usually unhealthy foods!).  I craved carbs mostly.  I wanted french fries (homemade) and stuff like that.  I can't remember exactly when the morning sickness started, but I think it was around week 8.  I remember that I carried crackers and popcorn around with me everywhere I went to make sure my blood sugar never dropped.  

This time, I started getting sick at week 6.  It seems like I've throw up more. (but again, I can't remember!).  I will usually throw up in the morning, and then I'll feel fine the rest of the day).  It lasted a little while longer at first, but now it is just in the morning.  (I did throw up at school at lunch one day, but that is the only time I've been sick later in the day.  I hadn't eaten enough for breakfast.)  

Anyway, for the past few weeks, I have kept track of when I've thrown up.  Here are the dates that I've recorded: Oct 12th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 25th and 31st.   Before the 12th, I don't have it written down. 

I'm hoping that it is coming to an end as I am now 12 weeks pregnant.   

My belly is already showing.  Last time I didn't show until 18 weeks or so.  It was around thanksgiving before I had a belly.  Now, some of my pants are already too tight!  I guess this is normal for the 2nd baby. 

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